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About me

  • About me

    I'm fine become myself. In any side I just like another girl around, but in other way I just little people with defensively character who like doing something kinda weird like 'cutting my hand' and 'bleeding' .... I don't know what should I say about that... Some said it normal, more other said it crazy.. But I'm fine to be myself and like to make friends here :) ...
  • Music

    I love rock, pop, hip-hop, kpop, and falling love with emo music (I dont know why, just always can fall deeply into them), traditional music is fine sometime


    My best love is horror movie, thriller, mystery and else. comedy and romantic someday :).. I love discuss about film
  • Lifestyle

    Somehow act like an introvert bookworm .... Just simple person, not such jetset or something ...


    I not really good at sport, but I'm good at running. Yeah just that, in other sports I just did epic fail haha ...
  • Arts

    I love drawing, not such a singer and musician, but write sometime....


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